Welcome to Shooting Events Berlin!

The company has been set up with the aim to provide shooting ethusiasts, anniversary celebrations, bachelor parties just as groups of friends with the opportunity to experience a good time at the range with loads of fun and the taste of real firepower.


The company prides itselve on the principle to offer the maximal shooting experience by using a selection of right guns, powerfull ammunition and calibres as well as the professionally proven facilties of an 8-acre shooting range in Berlin Wannsee. All experienced shooting instructors hold at least a licence for professional bodyguard duties.


Joining one of our event assortments means that you are participating in a non-violent experience.

We are mindful of the fact that you are on holiday or a very special occasion, so we do our best to make your event as enjoyable as possible. You will receive a friendly, helpful and warm welcoming service, a memoriabel time and the highest of professional and safety standards.

This is what we have to offer you:

  • Shooting real guns on a Berlin professional shooting range.
  • Every event whether for a group or an individual guest is individually realised.
  • A non-violent, special and unique experience to add more excitement to your trip!
  • An amazing and unforgettable adrenalin activity with your best friends.
  • For bachelor parties, occasions, circle of friends, and shooting enthusiasts.
  • Plan your activity with us with useful information.

Pistol events for 1-2 participants include shooting an original Walther PPK from 1964!

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It's our aim to provide one of the highlights of your trip!


The activities: 'Pistol for 1-2 participants', 'Pistol for 3-4 participants' as well as 'Pump action for 1-2 participants' include premium 3M active hearing protectors which allow realistic directional hearing and react instantly to impulse noise. Thus, you will experience your event in a better way and your ears are excellently protected.